Commiting Suicide Is Encourage In Islam?

          OF COURSE NO, DUDE! Haha Gotcha! The topic is just a reverse psychology to make people click my URL and read the entry.. haha LOL Jk jk.. Nowadays, people like to commiting suicide when they are in trouble such as broken-hearted, family problems, bankruptcy. Hello, that is not the end of the world. SERIOUSLY.

Stupidity occur

In Islam, commiting suicide isn't solving at all. So, what do we do when we have problems? 

Find high building and jump! JUST DONT!

           "He who commits suicide by throttling shall keep on throttling himself in the Hell fire (forever) and he who commits suicide by stabbing himself shall keep on stabbing himself in the Hell-Fire." (Bukhari, Janaiz 84)

          Whatever problems you faced, share it with your friends, families and if you didn't find the solution, arrange a meeting with a counsellor(that is my brilliant future other than a psychologist). They know how to soothe and give you some strenght they have. InsyaAllah. But always remember that Allah is the best place to share our problems.

Ways to overcome problems:

1. Vacation. Take a vacation to release stress. It works. Believe me
2. Make dua to Allah.
3. Qiamullail every night
4. Repeat no 1, 2 and 3
5. Repeat no 4.

"A Muslim must not attempt to commit such a sin under the influence of a worldly event by being 

unable to bear it. The greatest and the worst worldly event cannot be regarded as great in 

comparison to a hereafter problem. After all, this world is temporary, it will pass by. 

Committing suicide is one of the greatest sins that Islam banned. Committing suicide is a greater

 murder and sin than killing another person. Therefore ulama (scientists, knowers) even disputed 

whether the janazah prayer of a person who committed suicide could be performed or not. 

There is no dispute over the murderer who killed another. The janazah prayer of a murderer is 


Sincerely, Azzarina

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  1. Azza, suicide is not a sign of stupidity. I'm not saying I encourage it but really, you don't know what they've been through, you don't know their pain and sorrow, it's hard to ever know. They opt for suicide not because they want to end their life, they just want to end their pain. And most of the time, desperation makes it hard for them to see the difference.
    Other than that, I agree with you. :)

    1. Yes.. all I can say is we didnt know what they felt but the only thing is they didnt know how to solve their problems. ^_^

  2. awch that hurts so much aaaaaa T_T
    the first gif was ugh.
    im speechless u know. heheeheh. Yes. Poor those kafir hehehhe they always commit suicide bcs apparently they dont have imaan hm. They should not cut themself but try other ways instead :3

    sorry fr my bad eng! x

    1. yes.. thanks for the idea. its okay. as long as we didnt give up in gaining knowledge ^_^

  3. Bunuh diri tak akan menyelesaikan masalah. seteruk mana pun hal yg menimpa, pasti ada jalan. seburuk2 manusia, ia hanya buruk di mata manusia :)

    *maaf komen dlm BM

    1. never mind. takde apa pun. saya pun org melayu. hehe

  4. Really have to agreed with this! Awesome entry! Keep it up.. :)

    1. Thanks.. keep in touch with this blog.