Rest In Peace (RIP) To Non-Muslim Is Prohibited?


           I know everyone is talking about Paul Walker. At first I didnt know who is he that trending on twitter. Poor me. Sorry, I didnt watched Hollywood movie except for Step-Up Revolution. Awesome dude! hahhaha. Seriously, I dont have any interest at all to watch it.

          There is an issue where RIP cannot be spoken to non-muslim. Yes, UAI said that but I found an article from Dr. Maza. He said

          Done about this issue. Now let's talk about Paul Walker. Yeah, absolutely Paul Walker's fan will upset because after this no more Fast And Furious with Paul Walker as the main character. I dont feel anything about that because I dont know him! hahahha My brother did. He is so sad and he keeps replay all Paul Walker's movies.

Live fast, die young

 I dont know where
I dont know when
I dont know how

The angel will take my soul away from this world
and I hope I will die while

On the Sejadah
Wearing telekung

Syahadah at my mouth

 This quote leave thousands of question mark to me. Well..It's true what Allah has said
 "What we did in our live will be the reason of our death"

Sincerely, Azzarina

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  1. issue about using 'RIP' is actually main topic everytime artists who are non muslim die.
    i dont understand why.

    1. Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.

    2. Yeahh. well they just wanna know abt the truth. This entry maybe will help

  2. macam tak percaya je dia dah mati. tak sbr nak tunggu next movie p walker. adeh..

    1. Nak buat mcm mana kan. bila Allah dah tentukan ajal seseorg, siapalah kita nak halang

  3. - Every soul will taste death -

    Saya pun sama juga. Berharap dapat menghembuskan nafas bersama ungkapan syahadah di bibir saya. Sama-sama ya ukhti kita? (:

    1. Aminn. insyaallah selagi kita masih pegang teguh kepada agama Allah