A Great REWARD To Get Through A Campaign! *HOT* PART 2


          Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera. Semoga sentiasa dalam rahmatNya. Today, I just want to inform you guys abt a campaign that I will participate as well. LIST 2.0 amboi dah macam bersih plak.. LIST is Labuh Itu Sempurna Tau... Alhamdulillah this campaign will organise by Geng Tudung Labuh (GTL) 

          At first, this group is on social media such as whatsapp, instagram, facebook and twitter but now we have decided to make it real. So, before the campaign start we will collect donation or any tudung labuh bidang 50 and above. So if you want the details please contact the number below to ask for details.

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