I like Fynn Jamal damn much. I fall in love with her poem, voice and everything about her. One thing that make me confuse is she likes to give an islamic advice but her appearance is very stylo and her words doesnt potray her image. Yeahh, I know we cant simply judge others. 

          For a long time, I wanna buy this book but there are many obstacle.. Haha I didnt have enough money to buy this book at Rabak Lit (refer to the ads above)

One of her poem that pierced to my heart is......

"It is funny looking to those people that keep complaining when we are happy, because they are the most silent when we are in trouble."- Fynn Jamal

          I had an argument with my heart, I started a war with them. I find ppl and let them know my problems and all their suggestion is rejected by me. because of this...


          I am appreciating her idea in making poem, this is really awesome how she can let out all the feelings I feel but I didnt know how to describe. She knows. I wanna show her photo but then I stopped the idea because of some reason. Who wants to know more about her can like and follow her page on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tumblr

Sincerely, Azzarina Shukor

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