The SALAM Schoolbreak Project. All about Hijab


          Assalamualaikum.. As you guys can see on the picture above. I went to KLCC just to fill my schedule with something rare on my holiday. Everyday is went bored by watching television, reading books, instagram, twitter etc etc.. So I went there to make sure my life is going up and down and not monotonous all the time. Like staying at home day and night is cool for the student's pack schedule but I dont think it is cool for the student's holiday schedule.

          Firstly, our activity is an usrah. I am late so I am joining the usrah for only half an hour. Akh Umar and my dearest friend, Dayana Zahari was giving a talk about hijab and else. After the usrah, our program is simple. Like a street dakwah but not too difficult like "Hello bro, tak masuk islam nanti masuk neraka." LOL. If you are a da'i please dont say such thing.

          Our task is really simple. We have to take a picture with the people around us while holding a piece of paper with the quote "Precious Diamonds are covered, not exposed.''Otherwise, we have to explain a little bit about this project dan suruh mereka like page The SALAM Schoolbreak Project on Facebook. This is my group. So, here we are.



Our super duper team.

           Dayana Zahari. Saya kenal dia, dia kenal saya tapi tak pernah jumpa. Alhamdulillah akhirnya kita jumpa juga ye sayang. Seorang yang sangat peramah dan baik. May Allah gives us strength to face the path that we chose, Dakwah. Persahabatan yang kita jalin kerana Allah. Moga diredhai.

"Actually what is this means?" while pointing to the paper.
"Precious diamonds are covered not exposed. We as a muslims have to wear hijab because we are like a diamonds." Sambil senyum mati akal. Kalau nak spontan ayat power pakai bahasa melayu boleh lah. Pakai Bahasa Inggeris masalah sikit. Eh tak. Banyak.
"I think this is good. I like your project."
-A beautiful girl holding the white paper

         Seterusnya pula daripada group yang lain.
Hijab Makes Me Beautiful

I am Muslimah and I am Stylista

Kopiah Buat Diriku Humble

I'm Muslim and I'm Stylo

Kau pendek sangat Shera. Terpaksa tunduk sikit kasi sama level. haha Glad to see you there even just for a while. Budak UM kan. Jalan KL ni dah takde hal punya.

          In a nut shell, I am satisfied with this project. May Allah open their heart to know more about Islam. Kepada adik-adik semua maaf akak tak ingat muka dan nama anda. Ramai sangat. Comel-comel pula tu. Insyaallah akan datang kita jumpa lagi. Kalau tak di dunia di akhirat.

 Haura Azza Shukor.
Bakal ahli syurga
Naqibah HH14

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